30 March 2010

Great Vegetables & Salads

Steamed vegetables are a big favorite of mine: broccoli, green beans, asparagus, carrots. This steamer from Martha Stewart would be a great replacement for the steamer I currently have that has no handle. I invariably burn my fingers trying to pull mine out of the steamy hot pan.

This salad chiller from Martha's collection at Macy's is great for crisping lettuce and make-and-go salad. There an ice pack & dressing dispenser inside. When I saw this it reminded me of a great blog entry I read at Stephmodo, one of my favorite blogs. Stephanie, the talented, wise & congenial author, shares great instructions for improving the quality of salad by crisping the lettuce first. Click the link to learn this great trick and please browse around her blog for other inspiring topics, including the gorgeous rental property, La Maisonette, that she and her husband purchased and renovated in France last year.

A summer filled with fresh vegetables is just around the corner. Make plans to enjoy them now with a few little touches that will make them even more tasty.

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