02 March 2010

How the Olympics Inspired a Slumping World

In a world where depression and downfall have taken yet a larger role, the economy has brought us all to constrict a bit and worry more, where people around us are suffering and we have become more and more aware of natural disasters’ destruction, the 2010 Olympics may have done its greatest good by giving us something to cheer for. Something to be inspired by, to be reminded that hard work, a strong heart and brave soul will take us to great places.

It’s a reminder that the basic guidelines to life are still true. Try hard, have a great attitude, hope for the best, be supportive of others and do everything we can do to succeed. Also reminds us that there are still things and people to cheer on in life. That heart and soul, living one's passion and being part of a team still matter.

We’re reminded that sometimes things don’t go our way, that anything can happen and that we can often overcome a bad start. There are still things to strive for, there’s more to come, in four years there will be another Olympics, but for us we can start fresh tomorrow morning. We're reminded how good for the soul it is to spend time outside, even when it's cold. We’re reminded that there are beautiful, sunny views from high mountains and it’s worth our effort to strive to get to the top, they are worth scaling.

I will miss the Olympics. It was a bright spot in a year that already has had its tiring and discouraging moments. But the flame of the lessons I’ve learned will stick with me and I will remember to look to the light.

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