02 March 2010

Emergency Preparedness Week Day Two -- Food Storage

I was raised in a community that is big on emergency preparedness. Food storage was always a big part of that conversation. Having a three-month to one-hear supply of food on hand can be a great comfort if one has lost a job, money becomes tight or disaster strikes. There are many inexpensive ways to develop an individual or family food storage program and many resources available with useful guidelines.

Even in a small apartment there are ways to store emergency supplies under beds and in other out of the way places. Great tips include learning to rotate food, how to store food to maximize shelf-life, and buy things you'll actually eat. Granted you'll eat anything if you are hungry enough, but on the first day of using your stored food you don't not want to be miserable eating food you find no joy in. If you are in a crisis, a good meal will be meaningful and memorable. Buy good wholesome foods, without unnecessary and unhealthy ingredients, don't scrimp to save money. In a crisis you will need your body at peak functioning and health.

About.com - great list of books and links to a wide variety of food storage issues
Consumer's Guide - excellent food lists with amounts included
Establish a Food Storage System - simple, clear suggestions including food rotation
providentliving.com - check out the great links on 3-month and longer term food storage

With just a few dollars each week you can build up an emergency food supply and find creative ways to store and protect it no matter what kind of home you live in. It doesn't have to be expensive or overwhelming. 

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Amanda said...

I've been working on this lately. It can be a bit overwhelming to know where to start, even if you decide to just buy a little more of the food you normally eat. I found this spreadsheet on a great food storage website that is very practical.

Basically you list out a months worth of meals (I would start with about 7, just build confidence!), list each ingredient to make those meals, and then the spreadsheet does the calculations for you. There is even a place to put the cost of the item so you can see a total of how much it will cost for everything. Once you have that info you could go purchase everything at once or just when you see the ingredients go on sale.


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