23 March 2010

Summer Sandals from Nordstrom - Flats

For the past couple of summers, I have been in search of sassy sandals that I can wear with skirts that are flat and still make me feel like a woman. I have big issues with flats because I feel they make women walk like they are wearing clown shoes. Women who walk well in high heels walk like sexy women. Women in flats rarely exude that oozing femininity. Compare the two from behind the next time you are around a group of women.

So on my quest for flat sandals I am seeking these critical elements: shoes that make me feel like a feminine woman, that I can wear out and about on long weekend adventures and won't damage my feet in the process. Here are a few options from nordstrom.com all under $100.

Tomorrow I'll share some great summer heels. Looking at my choices, I am clearly a girl who loves wedges. Be well until then!

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