10 March 2010

Quantum Wellness

I started reading Quantum Wellness, by Kathy Freston, today. I've only read a few pages, but I like the philosophy. What I have absorbed so far is that wellness is a process and path, not something you accomplish or finish. Small choices and changes make the difference in big changes to your overall well-being.

I like the idea that big things happen when we make small changes in the direction we want to go. I really believe that and have seen it happen in my life many times. If I make a small effort, it's amazing that I get a big return. There's definitely something to that. Try it and see. And please share what happens!

We are often so quick to give up our well-being for things of lesser value.  I have experienced this in my own life and seen it often. We overeat and harm our bodies because we value more the comfort of food that physical health, we ruin our health and family relationships by giving all our devotion to the workplace, we overreact with other people because we are out of sorts with ourselves, we complain about our lives and do nothing to change them.

Standing up for our wellness in all areas of our life protects us from these harmful dangers. It's amazing how quickly people can pick up on where we are on the continuum of healthy. It's very apparent in the energy we carry around. The way we treat others. The way our faces look. The sound of our voice. The state of our relationships or lack thereof. The feeling in our home.

I'm looking forward to reading Quantum Wellness and learning new tools to better master the management of my health and well-being. Kathy also has some great meditation CDs and other books. Check them out here.

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