08 March 2010

Swim Little Girl, Swim!

Five years ago, with a big birthday a couple of years away I set a goal for myself. I thought about where I wanted to spend my birthday and if I could do anything in the whole wide world that day what it would be.  I would spend my big birthday surfing in Hawaii. That does sound delightful, right? There was just one problem. I couldn't really swim that well. So I started taking beginner lessons at the local city pool. I swam three or four times a week. I loved it. Two years later I surfed on my birthday in Hawaii. I surfed and afterwards had the best pizza & Coke I have ever had in my life - that may have been highly influenced by the facts that we were starving and exhausted after a couple of hours in the water. A fantastic shave ice, lounging on the beach and dinner at my favorite restaurant eating my favorite meal - a dinner that makes my mouth water instantly any time I think about it-rounded out the perfect birthday. I proudly achieve my goal.

I was horrible at surfing, but I was learning. A few months later I went surfing again in Hawaii. I learned that my body proportions are goofy for surfing. My short torso and super long upper legs make it impossible to get legs under me while holding the sides of the board, but I learned a new way to position my arms that suddenly made sense to me. I am enjoying the contuation of my surfing adventure.

I ended up moving away from my regular city pool here and started a new job and soon swimming went by the wayside. I still swam on trips and any time I was near a pool, but my routine broke. I missed it. A few months ago, my mom and I were talking working out and she said, "You should start swimming again. You love swimming. It would make you happy." I was surprised by this insight because my mother lives 600 miles away and never saw me during my regular swimming days. But she was RIGHT! Call it mother's intuition or maybe just years of vacations together in Hawaii. I was invigorated to know that someone knew this about me, that I knew this about it. And I started dreaming about swimming again.

A few days later I looked up the city pool online to see what the hours were and if anything major had changed. Much to my chagrin, the pool was closing THE NEXT DAY for a several month refurbishment. BUMMER! So disappointed.

The pool finally reopened a few weeks ago and tonight I went swimming. Just walking in the door and heading towards the pool counter window was invigorating and brought back so many happy memories. I was thrilled to find out the that 30-visit card I bought several years ago was still valid. Lovely! Then I turned and entered the door to the women's locker room, half way through the door I stopped and checked to make sure it was still the women's locker room. With the re-opening, anything could've changed! It was. I loved the anticipation of walking down the long hall to the showers and lockers. The lockers didn't look anything like I remembered. The shower looked exactly like I remembered. I lockered my stuff, showered and headed to the pool. This is how my heart felt when I left. Yipeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

What about you, fab readers? What activity makes your heart sing? What workout activities do you most enjoy and least dread? Please share your inspiration!

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