11 February 2014

Spending Gap Cash: Low Boots

After a bit of post-holiday sale success we ended up with a decent amount of Gap Cash to spend this month. Basically if we selected merchandise worth $150, we had $75 in vouchers to cover half the expense. So I definitely wanted to take advantage of that and started planning immediately for what we in fact needed that we could use the vouchers for.

Well, my best laid plans crumbled and I couldn't get what I'd been planning on so on the last day of the Gap Cash days I was scrambling to figure out how to spend the money and actually spend it on things we needed and I wanted to stay to a very tight budget and try to come up with as close to $150 merchandise as possible and not overspend.

Needless to say I spent hours on Gap.com that day doing math to figure it all out. Since we had two vouchers and could only use one per purchase, I also had to smartly group purchases to use the vouchers most efficiently. What a task that became!

I had intended to split the purchases between me and The Man so we knew we'd buy him a bunch of his favorite Gap t-shirts but all of a sudden I had no idea what to get for me. I didn't want to buy any clothes because I'm a bit between sizes right now. I decided to try shoes and ended up having quite a dilemma making a decisions between all the shoes you see here.

We've had a ridiculously gorgeous and warm winter, so I have not been wearing many of my shoes and none of my boots. Some years we have December and January months that are quite cold, in the 30s, 40s with a lot of rain. Not so this year. 

Our spring weather, as I have mentioned so many times, is ususally rather overcast and crummy -- and I know it's coming unfortunately. So I imagine I may still get some good wear out of a pair of boots in the next four months or so. It's already been boot-worthy weather for the past week or so. It's actually been nice to finally pull out my heavier weight jackets, sweaters and tops. I wore a long sleeve shirt layered under a lightweight cotton shirt with a jacket and scarf last week, which was the first time it's been cold enough to do that this winter - and this was for sitting outside at a cafe late in the evening. Very warm winter even during a cold spell.

I've finally accepted that tall boots and Southern California just don't work that well together unless we're in a major cold spell. So low boots can give one the boot look under pants without the overheating legs.

I imagine it could still be cold for a while and since it looks like there are still a few additional weeks of winter to come boots on sale seemed like a fine idea. Here's the lowdown on all these boots which are on sale at Gap.com now.

1. Suede Booties: Love these but decided I probably wouldn't get as much of a chance to wear them because of the heels as much as I love heels. Just not as practical for my lifestyle right now. If I was working in an office, these would have been the choice.

2. Metallic Suede Zip Boots: I've seen these in the store and I like the metallic factor for it's little bit of edginess. These look a lot more glittery gold in person than in the photo. But I decided I might not always want the metallic for every day or a season from now.

3. Lace-up Booties: These are so pretty. Love the color of the suede, love the slightly lug sole and the heel of course. But I have a pair of black boots similar to these and don't wear them as often as I thought I would.

4. Shearling Leather Biking Boot: I finally decided on these. I liked the look and they seemed like boots I could wear for a full day of walking and standing. Plus I liked that they were really basic in a good way so I could pair them up with a lot of looks. They came today and they look like they will be great.

I am really picky about the heel construction on shoes and I really hate that so many shoes pretend to be stacked heels when really the heels are just wrapped in printed paper to look like stacked heels. I'm stunned at how many seemingly quality brands have used this silly look. These boots have a legitimate stack that has a nice rugged feel to it.

I'm looking forward to wearing these and think they will be a great addition to the wardrobe. After my very favorite tan suede clogs finally wore out recently from a lot of long wear and abuse (insert tears here) these seems like a great replacement for every day wear. Glad I got them for half price. I may have to go back and pick up one of the other pairs since the prices seem to have dropped since I made my purchases last week. I'm going to keep my eyes on things.

all images via Gap.com

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