10 February 2014

Now Is My Time #6: Do Something For You

Focusing on "Now Is My Time" is creating quite an evolutionary change in my life. It seems almost daily I have decisions that I need to make that will help me put myself first in my life or take me away from that goal. Some days I catch myself too late and see that I am not taking good care of myself. Other days I find myself re-evaluating in a moment where I realize I can make a more productive, healthy choice.

Again let me reiterate that when I say put myself first I don't mean being self absorbed and only doing what I want to do at the dismissal of everything else. What I do mean is that I take responsibility for my own health, well-being, growth and protection as my top responsibility in my life. When I am at my best everything else I do in my life is also improved including my relationships and responsibilities.

One of the things I have been working on is choosing to do something for myself when I reach one of those moments in the day where I say "What else do I need to do?" Normally I would choose to do something for the family or the house but that is not always necessary. The work of home and family will never be done, so there is no harm in doing something that will help me.

This often happens in the afternoon when I find I have fifteen or twenty minutes before I have to run to school to pick up The Bug or for that one hour where she has downtime after she comes home from school. These moments often happen around bedtime too. Instead of doing another family or household chore, I try to do something for myself.

That may actually mean cleaning something. Maybe straightening off my desk or the vanity in our bathroom or dusting nightstands. I can straighten my clothes or shoes in my closet. Sometimes I take a few minutes to look at a catalog or magazine that has been patiently waiting on my desk for some attention. It might mean taking time to reply to emails from friends or write a thank you card. In the evenings I might take a few extra minutes to do a grooming activity like a more in depth facial, teeth whitening or deep conditioning my hair. It's nice to see the effects of my few minutes of attention whether that's around my bedroom or on my own sweet face.

My favorite activity of all is doing some meditation. I have to say I am really getting very into my meditation practice. It has become essential to my sense of calm and well-being. It is amazingly comforting to know that I have that connection and that place where I can instantly chill out and find peace. It is like giving myself a really great gift and it doesn't cost a penny.

So now when I have a few minutes of flex time, I am trying to choose me, because 2014, it's my time.

Learn more about my 2014 project Now Is My Time.

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