07 February 2014

Take Time To Celebrate Your Victories

Yesterday I had the opportunity to take stock of my recent successes. What felt like an otherwise uninspiring, gloomy, overcast day gave me a few minutes to celebrate victories and see how they will play into the big picture of my goals for this year.

My assignment was to make a list of my recent victories. That's an assignment that perhaps we should give ourselves every day. It is so much easier to stare at our flaws, mistakes and low-points. Imagine how different our days would be and how differently we could feel about ourselves and our lives if we celebrated our victories every day.

As I looked at what victories I could celebrate it was easy to come up with a couple. Then as I thought about each one of those, there were more hidden victories within the larger victory. As I talked about these victories I started to feel cheers ebbing up inside my heart. I suddenly felt so happy and wanted to fist pump my hands overhead. I felt energized and encouraged to keep going with my goals and to keep living courageously. I felt more connected with authentic me and that made me feel really happy.

I was struck by how much more I need to do this in my life. How much more we all need to do this. I hear so many of us too quick to confess our failures and allow them to overshadow our strengths and successes. Here's a challenge for you, the next time you have a few minutes to chat with a friend or family member, ask them "So tell me about your victories today." Then share some of yours.

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