19 February 2014

Janery Sale: Pillows, Padded Cases & Pet Bedding

Having once had my own handmade design company, I am a big champion of friends who put their creative eye to work and make gorgeous things. So I have to share some fun news with you about my friend Jane's Etsy shop Janery. She's having a big 50% off sale and if you love great pillow covers, padded cases for sunglasses or iPad/iPad Minis or you have a pet who needs a gorgeous bed you should check it out. Jane's collection is full of the most terrific fabrics like these fun pillow covers.

This is one of her crate beds for dogs. She also makes cat beds. So gorgeous and easily washable too. Jane is very ethically and environmentally conscious and her products reflect her commitment to both in every way which I love.

Jane also makes Catnip Cigar toys in the prettiest colors. I can just imagine a cat would go wild, bouncing around the room for one of these stylish entertainments.

Several years ago from a blog contest, I won one of Jane's sunglasses sweaters. The colors and fabrics are so cool and mine still looks fantastic after years of use. They are great for protecting the glasses and they look much more stylish in the purse than a boring old freebie case. Super great gift for friends too.

To enjoy big savings on all the pretty things over at Janery, here's all the information you need. Take a look and enjoy yourself. There are lots of gorgeous things that will make your life a little prettier. In fact why don't you just consider doing your birthday and holiday gift shopping for 2014 this week with these terrific deals. It's easy to hide Fido's gift in a closet until next Christmas. He'll never know. Happy shopping! 

You can also check out Jane's fantastic blog The Borrowed Abode. She writes about decorating their rented home and her handmade business. She has some fantastic organization and DIY products and seems to always be finding the most fantastic things along the sides of the road. Jealous!

all images via Jane & Janery

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