26 February 2014

Things To Put On My Birthday List

Will you believe I have found yet another gorgeous pair of clogs in the world. These beauties are definitely going on my "happy birthday to me" list which I usually begin compiling about this time of year in advance of my late Spring birthday. These pretty girls are by American Apparel and I couldn't be more in love with the shade of the leather or the shape of the heel. So lovely.

These ladies would look so pretty with a dress or skirt or a great pair of long, skinny jeans. The gorgeous rich shade of that leather for some reason always makes me want a pair of dark jeans, a crisp white cotton tunic and some really fun bohemian jewelry. It's the 70s kid in me for sure.

It's strange that it's time to start thinking about an upcoming birthday again already. I did the math on my birthday, how old I'll be this year and was a little stunned. But whatever the age I am going to be a lot healthier than I was last year for sure, and probably for the past few years, so that is exciting. I'm full of energy and ready for the adventures to come.

The past couple of weeks feel like they have been non-stop. Busy days full of appointments and classes and commitments almost every evening -- plus the Olympics which had us riveted. We're in post-Olympics mourning right now. It's so rare there is something on TV that you can actually watch with your little kids that doesn't make you want to pull out your fingernails. The Olympics were a no-brainer in that regard. I'm glad this is a family tradition. I have very fond memories of watching the Olympics since I was a very little kid. When the Olympics were running all regular routine went out the window. Last night we did a major clean up on the living room, especially around the couch which looked a bit like the underneath the bleachers at a football stadium after a big game. Thanks couch for providing a nest to enjoy the world's games. 

Luckily,we have a lot of fun to pack into the next few weeks. Visiting family and the fun that so happily brings to shake us out of our daily routine is happening now. Love that! In just a couple of weeks we start our family birthday season. A birthday every four weeks until the end of May. Add in Easter, Spring Break, a birthday trip and whatever else will come from out of the blue and we are full fledge into our busy Spring season. It still sneaks up on me, even though I should know well enough to expect it now. But I tend to like our crazy Springs every year because they carry us from Christmas right into summer. Not too bad. I hope there will be a few fun surprises as well.

We'll see what else I can add to my birthday list this year. There never seems to be any shortage of pretty things to find and it's always fun to pick out one or two of them each year. Hope your last few weeks of winter are going well.   

image via American Apparel

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