28 February 2014

The Blessings Of Extended Family

I am curled up in my bed for a few extra minutes this morning. It's raining here in SoCal. I call these Noah's Ark rainstorms. It seems like in LA we have either sprinkles or torrential downpours. There doesn't seem to be much in between. The downpours come in buckets full and flood the streets and make life a good adventure and of course traffic a bigger mess than normal. School drop off at the curb this morning was a trick as the kiddos had to jump over a small river coursing down the storm drains to get to the sidewalk.

I couldn't decide if I should put on peaceful meditative music this morning or peppy happy music. I went with peppy.  In true Scandinavian fashion I lit a bunch of candles around the bedroom. Love that energy perking things up. The trees are really blowing outside. I am happy to have a few minutes of quiet time.

Truth be told I have a thousand things I should be doing. But after a full day yesterday from 6:30 AM right through until 10 PM with no real downtime, this morning is earned and needed. Time to catch my breath. (Agh, just remembered a doctor's appt we have after school today, what a bummer!)

I've been thinking a lot about grown up life this week and how lovely it is to have relationships that expand over decades. We had the chance to spend a day with my cousin, his lovely wife and their three boys this week. It was such a fun day and I was so impressed with their little family. We got talking parenting and I got some great tips from them. I was so impressed when their oldest boy was at our car asking what he could help carry the minute we arrived at the beach. Good kid! It was lovely day and I was so happily reminded of what a great family I have and what good, good people they all are. So blessed and so lucky.

The same day I found out that apparently my sister and I were the only people in the family who didn't get the memo that one of our cousins had headed off to Hawaii with her fiance to get married, just the two of them. So excited for them. It was so darling to read the status updates by her new husband, gushing his affection for her and hopes to make her happy forever, as he posted photos from their wedding. What a sweet moment for them and what a joy for our family to see another so happily married. What a blessing.

Also this week I got a wonderful card and sweet gift from another cousin's wife. She spearheaded the operation, but of course it was from their family. She is a peach, a good egg, every good thing. Again a lovely reminder of the amazing people I have in my family. We are so lucky. It makes me sad that we live so far from all of them. I think of the 10 cousins we are by far the farthest from home base and we are only two states away. But they all get to see each other much more often and enjoy all the good laughs and get the little kids together for fun outings and playtime. A little jealous.

I do appreciate so much how kind my family is to always include us in invites even when they know we are too far away to come for an afternoon event. I hope we can get out for a visit this year, maybe during Spring break or during the summer. Would be good to get back home and see everyone. I haven't been there since Christmas 2012, that's close to the record of the longest I've ever gone without going home. Even though we live far from them, it's so nice that when we do see them it's like no time has passed at all and we so easily just slide into a very comfortable rhythm. Love you extended family. Every little drop of time we get to spend with you is a joy.

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