20 February 2014

Life Lesson: Quit Resisting Things That Are Good

To say I have been resistant to go to classes at the gym and work out in a group would be an understatement. But guess what, I finally broke down and did it and it's not that bad. In fact, I am enjoying it. As I have been repeatedly told by The Man for the past few years, I do work out harder and get a better workout in class than I would on my own. The class environment has also lead me to work out harder on my own on the days I don't do a class.

That's a win-win situation. So, why was I so hesitant? Oh, well there are all sorts of excuses. I didn't feel great about my body so I didn't really want to publicize it in a group setting. I didn't want to be the new kid on the block who didn't know the class. I didn't want to be pushed by some overzealous teacher. (There's some negative expectation there, right? Assuming I wouldn't like the teachers.) I am sure I could've come up with a lot of other reasons to avoid gym classes too. None of them good ones. I'm embarrassed to put this out there but I'm doing it because I have a sneaky suspicion that there are others like me out there who are resisting a change and opportunity to move forward in their lives for similar excuses or some even more creative ones I haven't even thought of yet.

So in December I finally just gave in and started going to classes with The Man. Two months later I am eagerly trying new classes on a regular basis and I am feeling very comfortable in the classes I have been attending. No longer am I self-conscious. I don't have time to be self-conscious, I'm there to work. No longer am I afraid to walk in and be the one who raises my hand when the teacher asks "Is anyone here for the first time?" I'll even ask other students in the class, before class, for help with the equipment or other tips. this is a stretch for me.

I really enjoy all the individual personalities of each teacher I've encountered. They are all very different and bring their own spunk to the class. They make me laugh and fire me up for the workouts or pull me through when I hit a rough spot as they cheer on the class. Some I like better than others but I like going to the same classes with a variety teachers because you learn different things from each one of them and you get a unique experience even in the same workout.

I was too hardheaded about this for too long. And The Man was right about it all. I'm working out harder on my own and in class. It's fun getting to know all the crazy characters who come to the classes from the bossy/pushy older ladies who are very territorial, to the nice/friendly girl who I think is an actress I've seen on TV or in movies. Instead of being intimidated by the super fit foxes, I'm inspired. I know how they got that way and what I can do to look more that way. Seeing changes in my own body is most inspiring of all.

This is all just a big lesson in the benefits of doing things we resist doing that are good for us. It's so silly really. Why do we humans expend so much energy fighting doing things that will make us happier and better? We're such dummies sometimes. I think this is something we all have to fight every day. So here's a challenge for you -- find out what change you are resisting and figure out why you are resisting it and if it really makes any sense at all to keep resisting it. You might find you could use your energy in a much more productive and fruitful way. I know I am eating humble pie on this one and gladly. It's helping me be more open to finding other areas I am resisting and working on those too.

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