12 February 2014

Some Days Are Better Than Others

My dear friend EverKelly and I have had some phenomenal talks over the years. Recently she was telling me about an article or book she read on how we should plan our days and weeks with the recognition that we will have some weeks where we feel better and perform better than others. I thought that was such a fantastic thought, so full of generosity for the body and soul - and so real! Yes, it's true that some days we have great energy and some days, for whatever reasons be they biological, or related to events going on in our lives, we will not be at peak performance and output.

It makes perfect sense that when we work in our flow instead of fighting it, life will be better. We can allow ourselves to accomplish more when we up and give ourselves a break on the demands we put on ourselves when we're on the low end of the energy scale.

I have been thinking about this a lot this week. I am at the low end of the energy scale and while things haven't slowed down particularly, I am trying to find myself peacefully in the mindset that if I just keep pushing through, I'll get through this week and feel and perform better next week. I am trying to live in a "let's just keep things nicely stabilized" mindset. I have been up late working every night and up early to attend to family mornings. I've had assignments to complete that I don't exactly love. Things that normally wouldn't phase me have made me upset and I'll admit it, at times a little cuckoo. I have felt very blah and at times really bummed out by this week.

In those moments where things seemed a little heavy, I've meditated, prayed, cleaned something, taken a walk, gone to the gym, read things that inspire and sought out companionship. And you know what, those things have helped for about five minutes, and then I've just pushed on anyway. It's just one of those weeks and I keep pushing through because in the end that is all there is to do. But it's great to know that this week will pass and I will feel more pulled together soon and annoying tasks will end and the days will feel a little sunnier. That makes this week just annoying instead of sad or scary. Just going to keep running knowing that the faster I run the sooner I'll get to the end of it.

What do you when you have a bummer week and how do you get through it? I'd love to hear the way you survive or thrive through a blah (or worse) week.

images by kalanicut

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I cancelled what I had for today to have a quiet day at home.


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