28 June 2013

Kenneth Cole Refreshes Flat Sandals Scene For 2013

images via Kenneth Cole

Last week I happened to find a really sassy pair of Kenneth Cole flat sandals at Marshall's in San Diego.  I'm sure they are probably a last year's style but I have never seen then anywhere before so they're new to me and everyone I know. I wasn't looking for shoes, but when you're a hard to find size and you find something great you buy them. These bright green faux croc skin sandals with the funky little platform seemed like a great bit of spice to liven up summer outfits and with the thicker heel seemed like they would be much better for walking in than plan flat-flats.

I scooped them up not knowing quite how I would work them into my wardrobe. They did look super cute with jeans which I was wearing when I was in the store, so I thought if they look that great with jeans they'll work with just about any pants, skirt or dress.

That same day I snagged two tube top dress/skirts at my friendly neighborhood Navy base NEX store, one in diagonal bright blue and white stripes and the other in a tropical islandy print. I thought they would both be great with lightweight linens tops as maxi skirts for the summer. Bingo, the green sandals which I bought later that night look fantastic with both.

These are the kind of sandals that just up an outfit's game by a 100 percent. They can take so-so and make it look so put together. What a great deal for just $25! The photo doesn't do them justice at all, these are very hard to photograph and show them off without an actual foot in the shoe. But I hope you'll get the idea anyway.

So finding these gems got me interested in what else Kenneth Cole was doing in flat sandals and I thought I would share some of my favorites. These are all from the Spring 2013 collection. I really like how each of these basic styles have been revamped and refreshed to keep them interesting and new in fun colors and pattern combos. Each of these sandals come in a variety of colors too. You can see the entire Kenneth Cole sandal collection here.

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