18 June 2013

Recipes For The Summer Berry Season

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We have a good supply of berries in stores here in California for most of the year. In January and February the strawberry quality goes way down hill for a few weeks but we are so lucky to have easy access to beautiful, locally grown produce all year round. I have been enjoying summer meals which to me becomes very simple.

Lately we've been eating meals like chicken with strawberries, blueberries and grapes, or with a simple salad or fresh corn. Summer meals remind me so much of my childhood eating the bounty of the farm garden - MINUS the mountains of zucchini and yellow squash.

We had way too much squash when I was a kid and that fact that it grew cheap and easy and my Dad loved squash only made the appearance of it on the family dinner table more prevalent, it was almost nightly. Sigh. But I still remember happily waiting each summer for the fresh peas, green beans and corn to ripen and make their first appearances at dinner.

After making blueberry sauce for pancakes and waffles last week and fresh strawberry shortcake for dinner dessert recently, I have my eye on berry recipes and they seem to be everywhere right now. Here are a few favorites I thought I would share with you.

Do you have a favorite berry recipe or dish you crave every summer? Hope you find something here that will be fun to make for your next gathering or to feed your next craving.

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