04 June 2013

Tuesday Quick Tip: Removing All The Stains

image via NewCheapBuy.com

When my husband ran to the store the other day I blurted out, can you buy me some stain remover and I listed a specific brand that we usually use. He returned a few minutes later with Tide Boost, which wasn't the brand I requested. Apparently our usual brand was sold out.

I am so glad he did. I have felt a bit half-hearted about the stain remover I had been using for a while and didn't feel like it was doing all I wanted it to. I had a great shirt to test out Tide Boost on. A brand new white linen shirt with bicycle grease and tire marks across the front of it.

I sprayed it on a few minutes before I threw the shirt in the wash. I was impressed that almost immediately I could see the stain releasing from the fabric. The color and density of the stain began changing almost immediately. I was thilled to pull the shirt out of the washer a while later and see absolutely no sign of the stains. Hooray, shirt saved!

I also tried Tide Boost on one of The Bug's shirts. She had spilled orange ice cream treat all over the front of it. It has already been washed once and the stains were still completely visible. Once I covered the stains with Tide Boost I was thrilled to pull it out and see no visible stains at all.

So that's my Tuesday Quick Tip. If you have people who make stains, and who doesn't, you might want to try Tide Boost along with Tide detergents. Real Simple recommends it too. I am very pleased and impressed with results. I love doing laundry and taking care of my clothes so knowing I have a new weapon in my stain removal arsenal is pretty exciting.

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