12 June 2013

DIY Projects In Review: What Didn't Work

Yesterday I posted about DIY projects I've done that I am still totally loving and have really worked for us. Today I thought I'd share a few that never worked quite perfectly.

The Cane Chairs. These chairs took way too much thought, money and work for the amount of "like" I had for them in the end. They've been pieces we use for lack of anything better. I think they look good for the most part but just never have loved them. They aren't too comfortable for tall people. I also killed the ivy plant there. I do love the cane/faux bamboo table. It's currently living in a storage unit until I need it again. It was one of the things I took out of the bedroom last month to open up the space. I'm enjoying open space more than furniture right now.

Ocean Wood Sign. I thought i would love this and guess what I did for a few weeks. Then it started bugging me and I have no idea why. Maybe it's the color combo, the font, I don't know. But I've been itching to change is for a long time. It came down off the wall and went into the closet quite a while ago. But there is a new project in there somewhere. A little sanding and a simple coat of paint and I have something completely different.

Workspace. First I have to qualify this by saying I LOVE my workspace. It still is so practical and so well thought out that I am really happy with the investment I made. Here's what doesn't work for me. This big colorful wall of bubbling energy is at the foot of my bed. It is hard to relax when you are staring at this hub of activity.

Not to mention that living in earthquake country, I am a little afraid of falling objects. Although we have seen a few and not one thing has ever fallen. I did line the upper shelf with a very grippy shelf liner to help hold things in place. I will long love this workspace, I would just rather not have it in the bedroom. I have a strong feeling about a bedroom being a place of calm and respite. But in an apartment you have to find ways to use every inch of space possible. Hopefully in the not so distant future, I can attach this workspace to a wall in a room that isn't a bedroom.

Fall Holiday Pumpkins. This project was a fail because in my infinite wisdom I made these a couple of months early and then stored them somewhere. Some time after Christmas I found them. Ugh! Sometimes working ahead and trying to keep track of stuff is too much. Maybe I'll get to use them next year.

Well, none of these were disastrous endings, but each one of them has given me pause to think and maybe do things differently going forward. It's good to look back and try to learn some lessons from past experiences. I'm itching for some projects but don't really have space for anything new and don't really need anything. I'm living vicariously looking at other blogs and enjoying their DIY projects. 

As much as I love to create, I am learning more and more that creative frenzy isn't something I want for my life and creating with no real purpose doesn't inspire me. So I'm learning to follow my creative vibe in my own way, at my own pace and for my own enjoyment. Seems so simple and yet it's full of interesting and sometimes challenging conversations with self.

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