21 June 2013

Wandering West Elm

When you live in Southern California there are certain things you just won't do during rush hour. One of those is making any long drives if they are not absolutely necessary. Why spend four hours doing something you can do in two hours if you wait until after rush hour?

Yesterday I was in San Diego on business and of course my day wrapped up at 4:30 and the thought of driving north in stop and go traffic was not super appealing. So I decided to wander around Mission Valley for a couple of hours until traffic had died down. That gave me a chance to do a peaceful wander through IKEA and then I headed over to West Elm to see what they were up to.

I thought I would share with you some of the delights at West Elm. Some favorite pillows, lighting, bedding and amazing storage units. The neutral color palette infused with bright summer colors and fabrics felt so fresh and inspiring. I loved all the silk pillows but the minute I touched them I imagined little people destroying them in seconds with grimy, greasy little fingers and spilled food. Maybe in a few years it will be a better time for silky pillows around the house. 

There were some really fantastic dressers. I love the mix of drawer faces and sizes in the one above. Planters and lanterns were abundant for bright summery touches for the home and outdoor space. They seemed to beckon for entertaining and gathering with friends to me. I loved the earthy feel of the entire store mixed with bright, warm, cheery color. A nice feel for summer 2013. Makes me want to plan a patio dinner party with children running in the yard. Now if we just had a yard...thankfully I can always head over to West Elm to dream a little.

all images by kalanicut

*Thanks West Elm for a mention on your blog!

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