01 July 2013

Great Meditations From YouTube #2

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As I continue to develop my meditation practice and so enjoy the benefits, I am excited to share them with you lovely readers. I know we all live with considerable business and challenges no matter how hard to strive to enjoy a peaceful, well ordered life.

Here is another great meditation. This one is all about letting go and I love that he says you may have the worries of the world on your shoulders, but let them go for now. You can have them back later.  That is comforting and realistic somehow. You can't ignore unpleasant or tiring things you must accomplish but you can lay them down for a few minutes and allow your body to calm down and find a peaceful, healthy state of mind.

Today's meditation is Positive Meditation Uplift Your Emotions by David McGraw. The Man was the first to try this and he was pretty peaced out, very quickly. If I can get him to slow down, just about anyone should be able to quickly get in the groove with this meditation. It's encouraging, uplifting and energizing.

If you've always wanted to have a regular meditation practice, join me and let me know how it goes. It's always fun to share the journey. 

Great Meditations #1: Meditation to Create Abundance

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