25 June 2013

Master Bedroom Inspiration From Home Goods

I've been thinking a lot about a master bedroom redesign for married couples. My current bedroom bedding has become quite outdated and worn and I am ready for a change. For a while now I've been thinking about dark blues and grays for the master bedroom. I like the restful feeling of that color combination and imagine a pop of color here and there to perk it up a bit.

I must be in need of inspiration because this is my second post in the last week about home interiors shops and "wandering inspiration" trips. It's funny, I was supposed to be going to Home Depot and totally drove past the street to Home Depot. So since I was really close I thought I'd pop into Home Goods for more wandering. I decided to focus my eye and camera on inspiration board items for that new master bedroom I keep imagining in my mind.

Home has a nautical, island-style theme already so infusing that into a master bedroom design seemed appropriate. I love the metal side table above, the bold blue pillows that I think would compliment gray bedding. The white lanterns would really stand out against dark blue walls and the gray and white baskets with a touch of yellow would be a pop of pattern and lightness to the space as well as create super storage options. 

I adore this small table stand globe, perfect inspiration for our adventurous souls. The sea glass colored lamps would bring in another beachy touch to the space and again look great against dark walls. The octopus and jelly fish prints might be a stretch but they do fit the theme and design style, if they weren't too dark for the walls. The bamboo handing lamp would tie in beautifully hanging over a reading nook corner.

This blue lantern might fit in nicely in the right space, maybe on a dresser or bathroom counter. I love the patina and shape. The curio shelf is the one thing I really wanted to buy on my trip, but it was a little out of my price range that day. I have been wanting something like that for a while to display very small trinkets that I have sprinkled around and in drawers. It would be a very interesting way to show off my little treasures.

The white fish is whimsical and fun, not too serious and would again look great against dark walls. The bedding photo is so bad, but it's a lovely dark gray quilt. I loved the color and the weight is just right for our weather here most of the time.

Whenever I go to Home Goods I walk around the store at least two or three times because I know I see different things each time I move down each aisle. It's so much fun to adventure around and see what all the other shoppers are drawn to as well. Hope you enjoyed this little Home Goods tour. I'm so glad I was able to pull together some concrete ideas for my future master bedroom makeover. Thanks Home Goods!

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