26 June 2013

Great Meditations From YouTube

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I have been a big fan of meditation for a long time and I can tell you wholeheartedly that it has an amazing affect on me to up my energy, calm my body and help me press forward peacefully. When I meditate I do not sit in this position above. Instead I lie down on my back, body relaxed, with hands loosely at my side turned up in a slight cupping formation.

Right now I am trying to get into the practice of meditation morning, mid-day and night. So far that is a challenge but there are plenty of long and short meditations available, so it's easy to mix it up and it doesn't take much time. I used to do meditations sitting at my desk during the last few minutes of my lunch and had great success achieving a wonderful state of calm there.

I have been downloading and recommending meditations from iTunes for years but I've just recently tapped into how many amazing meditations there are available for free on YouTube. I have been experimenting and have yet to try one I didn't like. I thought today thought I would share one of them with you today.

Meditation To Create Abundance by Kelly Howell is a 30-minute meditation and perhaps the most powerful meditation I've ever done. When it ended I had a very beautiful, clear, powerful feeling about my life, my abilities and what I can accomplish.

I found it very easy to follow directions, get relaxed, stay in my groove, maintain a high energy level and focus throughout the 30 minutes. Of course the mind does wander occasionally but it's easy to bring it back. If you need a few minutes to gather yourself or are feeling a strong need to focus your energies this is a great meditation to try. If you try it, let me know what you think. I have a couple more to share and am going to keep experimenting all the time.

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