14 June 2013

Fashion You Never Want To Throw Out

Last weekend I was looking at a very stylish blog and saw eyeglass frames very similar to a pair I held onto for years. I think I gave them away a couple of years ago. They are so back in style and mine were such a pretty shade of pink and looked cute on me back in the day when I was a wee young thing. I was so bummed that I don't still have those frames. If I did by chance have them still, I probably just piled the box they are into a storage unit 150 miles away.

This all reminded me of the lessons I have learned about things you hang onto and don't give away because they will be so much cooler when the look comes back and you have vintage! I remember hearing Ralph Lauren on Oprah once say that he keeps certain items that will come back in style again and how great it is to have vintage when the style comes back in. Then you have something amazingly stylish that others can't get.

So I thought I would share a short list of things I would keep if they still have good wear to them. My caveat to this conversation is this, items of low quality will generally not last a season or more, so if you're going to save things, buy high quality that will stand the tests of wear and tear and time.

1) Glasses frames. I have a good friend who has collected vintage and new frames for years and he has the best eyeglass wardrobe around. I love the idea of having a pair to fit your mood rather than just one pair for everything. I have been really good about keeping my old frames. I always splurged a little on frames so I have some very high end frames that will definitely come in again and maybe more than once in my lifetime. -- I have to confess that while I was typing this I had to stop and go look through my dresser on the off chance that maybe I DID have those frames and had tucked in my drawer. No luck, but I am going to keep looking because I have a feeling I may still have them.

2) Leather boots, loafers and sandals. I have a box of boots somewhere that I am saving. I also have major regrets about a few pair I did not keep. Shoes, like eye glass frames recycle fairly quickly. A high quality pair of leather shoes will last for decades if taken care of well and are easily repaired to overcome wear. I'm kicking myself for not keeping the cowboy boots I bought in Jackson Hole Wyoming in the 90s. Dumb to give them away.

3) Jackets, blazers and sweaters. A great jacket, sweater or blazer is hard to find. If you loved it once and it was something you wanted to wear all the time, consider keeping it. Jackets and blazers are some of the most loyal wardrobe friends. They pull everything together, style up simple outfits and keep you warm. What's not to love? Like frames and leather boots, jackets and blazers can be expensive. Even if you don't chose to wear one that comes back in style, you can always sell it! When it comes to wool jackets or sweaters be sure to protect them from moths.

Vintage Owl Necklace - Retro
iamge via 
4) Jewelry. Over the past couple of years I have so wished my mom still had that really cool owl pendant necklace she had in the 70s. It was so cool and I remember she kept it around for a long time. Jewelry doesn't take up much space and it's so easy to revive a seemingly tired piece by pairing it up with fresh new finds. I love combining necklaces which creates a totally unique look. I am guarding and saving my favorite pieces for the future.

What would you add to my little list? Do you have any favorites you've saved to wear again?

pink eyeglasses
cowgirl boots
owl necklace

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I just got new glasses and love them. I keep glasses a long time.


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