24 June 2013

One Day Of Rest Every Week

image by kalanicut

I thought this beautiful, restful photo would be a great inspiration for a post about taking a day each week to rest the weary soul. It is amazing to me how rejuvenating it is to take a day away from worldly pursuits, the stresses of daily life and to lay down worries and think on more important things.

I had such a great day yesterday attending church services and bonding with some really dear friends. It was one of those days full of meaningful conversations in the in between moments before the services began and in the breaks. Really good, valuable, inspiring conversations that lifted my wings and helped inspire me to continue on the good fight. Having relationships that do that for me are one of the greatest joys of my life and most valuable blessings.

I also took time to listen to inspiring messages at home in the afternoon while I took care of a few menial tasks. So inspiring not just because of what I heard, but perhaps more importantly, the thoughts that came to me about my life as a result of those things I heard. I was quite inspired about some current challenges I face. This would not have happened if I had not created some quiet time in my day and listened to inspiring words of others. Again more food for the soul and strength to carry on.

I also slept for a while. Very good for the soul. I have not been sleeping well this week, so catching up on much needed sleep this weekend was a great blessing to my well-being. Again, it's hard to nap if you don't create some quiet time to slow down and relax first. Starting a new week well rested makes a world of difference in how you feel on Monday morning.

Creating quite time and a window of peace and rest for our souls is of paramount importance to our health, our mental state and our effectiveness in life. Feeding the soul is as important as feeding the body. I appreciated my day this week to feed my soul through religious inspiration, connection with wonderful friends, listening to inspiring messages, listening to my own mind and heart and by resting. I feel more whole and better prepared for the week to come. Grand blessings all around.

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