02 October 2014

Wishing For A Cold Winter: Love These Rainboots

After I saw this post about making your own laced wellies from Practically Functional I started thinking about how I need a pair of rain boots. Well, I have needed them in the past quite badly. We can have very wet winters here in SoCal. But it's been a while since we had one of those winters.

Last year we never even had a day cold enough to put on a proper coat. It's been so hot you couldn't even wear a sweater in the evenings for a few months now. I joked that last winter was the best summer I've ever had in LA. We do love the beautiful weather but we need the moisture desperately.

So I am hoping for a chilly, wet winter this year. Sounds terrible in a lot of ways but the upsides are getting our water tables back up to survivable levels AND getting to wear rain gear. Both worthwhile endeavors I think.

I fell hard for these Sperry Top-sider Pelican III boots when I saw them. So cute. Love the gray. Love the anchors. Love the adjustable straps on the sides. They hit all my marks.

I'm hoping to get a chance to wear ski pants, parkas, hats and gloves this winter too. I would be happy to drag out my umbrella and get a little wet just for the sake of some variety in the weather. We have so many nice winter clothes that of course we have to have for inclement weather here, which we do actually have most years. Plus we need clothes to wear to visit any of our family who live in far colder climates. But the sad thing is that for the most part anything we buy dies a slow painful death from lack of use and decay.

This past summer I had to throw away a perfectly good pair of hiking boots because they had just fallen apart in the closet. They were getting old but they were in great condition until the rubber sole just started to decay and tear away from the leather boot. My sneakers always decay before they fall apart from use. Jackets fall out of fashion and the fabrics discolor and fade, but we almost never get a chance to wear cool weather clothes out.

I realize it's bizarre to complain about lovely weather every day but I think I am not the only SoCal resident who would welcome some variety of weather and opportunities to wear more than just a shirt and pants without having a heat meltdown.

So, do you hear me Rain Gods? Bring it. Let us have some real rain this fall and winter. Give me a reason to buy these boots. Obviously I really want some rain boots and an excuse to buy them. It seems  every fall I write a post about wellies
and yet -- I still have not gotten them. We need a few weeks of rain to really justify a purchase.

A collection of  rain boots.
Hunting for Hunters
Discount Boots Or The Boots I Really Want

image via Zappos

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