28 October 2014

Keeping It Simple When You Are Sick

This is where I spent my day yesterday for the most part. I got up and got The Man off for the work week, then went back to bed for a bit. A short while later it was time to get The Bug off to school. I woke her up later than normal and kept the morning simple - just get dressed, brush hair and teeth, read scriptures have prayer and head out. I made her lunch while she was getting dressed and we were out the door.

By the time I got home I was ready to lie down again. Whatever is going on feels like the flu or a cold but it doesn't and I don't think I'm contagious. I think it might be allergies and asthma.

I cozied up in my big chair for most of the morning, still sleepy and not feeling well. By noon I was in my bed where I slept off and off until about 7 pm. Interrupting that sleep was picking up The Bug, getting her going on homework, after school snack and lunch for me, and finding her something fun to watch when she was done.

I have to think that kids secretly like Mom's Sick days because it's a nice break for them too. The routine changes, they can relax more and have more unstructured time which I think they crave. They probably get some extra TV time too, which I know our kiddo doesn't get much of during the school week. Last night she watched Escape To Witch Mountain (1975), a fun slighly spooky Disney classic.

Because everyone had a good after school snack I waited until about 7pm to make dinner. Thankfully we just shopped over the weekend so I had a roasted chicken in the fridge. I microwaved some baking potatoes and chopped up some onions and grated some cheese, threw some broccoli into the steamer and cut up some chicken to heat up and dinner was ready in less than 10 minutes. It was a nice, warm, cozy dinner, just right for a fall evening and someone not feeling too hot.

Bed right on time was a cinch. The Bug was tired too after a big, big weekend of fun and activities. We kept it simple, had some cozy time and she was off to dreamland.

Today was Monday. The day I was going to jump up and take on the world and take care of a lot of projects. Instead of fighting it, I went with what my body was telling me and let myself be sick today. It's so easy to get stressed when things don't go as planned. But I've learned over the years that hanging onto schedules and to do lists is rarely necessary when one is feeling under the weather.

Things always get done later if they're important and the time for rest saves us from more sickness and being run down. It's okay to just keep things really simple and let things go a little more than normal.

I think we owe ourselves this grace. It kind of goes against everything our "busy, busy, busy" culture teaches us. But I think it's a plain and simple way to honor oneself, stay physically healthy and be mentally healthy too.

So when the winter colds, flu or just plain yucky feeling days hit, I hope you'll gift yourself the down time.  You deserve it. Know it's the best decision all around and everything and everyone will be fine.

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