13 October 2014

Now Is My Time #39: What Can I Yet Accomplish

It's only a few weeks until the end of the year and we all know that once Halloween comes the rest of the year just flies right on by. While I am excitedly preparing for 2015 and my new theme - which I am dying to share with you - but that would take all the excitement out of the big bang for the new year. I can barely stand keeping it a secret.

While I'm looking to back to see what I have accomplished this year and I'm looking ahead to next year, I also want to see what else I can still succeed at for my year of Now Is My Time 2014. While I think the year is a big success, I still have a couple of big goals yet to make significant progress on.

So I am ramping up here in the 4th quarter to make significant progress on those. There is still plenty of time to make some amazing things happen in this year. We can accomplish a lot in 10 or 11 weeks!

One of those things is regular workouts and gym attendance. I seem to get all revved up and going and then have some emergency, or get sick or am traveling and then my schedule gets off and everything crumbles and then I have to get started all over again. I want to break that cycle. I love it when I am in the workout groove so I am pushing for that right now. It feels good.

What I really need is a plan for days when I can't get in a big workout that I have in my hands some small workouts or progress I can do that will keep the thread going. It's the breakdown of having a missed day and then getting going again that is actually the problem, not the getting the workouts in overall. So that is at the top of my list right now. I know I am the only person on earth with this problem, right? Haha.

I am also pushing to keep up with a regular morning routine that starts my day off empowered and focused. I love that routine and with the weird schedule we've been keeping lately it's fallen out of practice.

It's a great time for me to look around and see what is still waiting by the wayside for me to grab and run with. I am excited to end this year on a real high note feeling great about my journey.

Do you have big goals you are planning to accomplish before the end of the year. What are you working on and what's your plan to make it happen during the holidays. I wish you all the best in making those great things happen!

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