07 October 2014

Now Is My Time #38: Miramar Air Show & G-force

Recently we had the chance to go to the Miramar Air Show in San Diego. Having attended my first air show a couple of years ago, I was totally game to go see this famous air show at the home of the movie Top Gun.

If you have ever seen the movie Top Gun, you have seen a little bit of Miramar. An air shows require a lot of walking and this one was on one of the hottest weekends of the year. Despite the blazing heat, we had a great day. The Bug had a crazy good time starting a Humvee - put the pedal to the medal on her third opportunity, climbing into the cockpit of many kinds of aircraft and into several tanks.

Watching the air performances was quite amazing. It was mind-boggling to hear the amount of G-force pilots under go to pull tight maneuvers such as barrel turns, tight arcs and dives.

It is no doubt these pilots love what they do. I believe they are living the full amount of their joy when it comes to developing some of their talent. You can hear it in their voices from the cockpit. But they undergo tremendous G-force in order to make these moves happen.

I thought about how that also happens when we go for our goals. We feel pressure and intensity as we reach for the things we see are possible and that we dream of. When seeking our goals and reaching new heights, we are pushed into uncomfortable environments just like jet fighter pilots.

I started thinking about how that applies to my own goals. Sometimes when we get in the process of taking ourselves apart so that we can rebuild ourselves in better, stronger ways we come to a point where it feels like we are just a pile of parts lying on the floor, completely disassembled. In this moment it can be terrifying.

"What have I done? I was comfortable and now I'm not. I could deal with the way things were. Now what if I can't put myself back together in this new, better way. What if I'm never the same? What if I am worse than I was before? At least before I could get by."

From conversations I have had this is not unfamiliar to people who have worked to overcome challenges, fears and situations that have held them back. There does come a point in the supreme bravery of it all where this paralyzing fear will hit. What if I fail?

And yet we see from story and story, again and again, that striving to become better generally does end up being better. It will probably not always be the exact outcome we imagined in our minds, but chances are it may be far better.

Yes, we can survive the G-force. It's what brings the good things in life. Healing to our souls, change, new adventures, letting go, having more.

all images by kalanicut

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