03 October 2014

Celebrating Christmas: 25 Days Of Christ Kits

I'm so happy to take today to share with you a great little company created by a good friend. The Oliver family runs New Traditions Craft Company in the Pacific Northwest. They created this great holiday tradition called 25 Days of Christ to help families focus the month of December on the true meaning and spirit of Christmas.

The idea started after Katie was looking for a way to turn her young sons' thoughts from their Christmas lists to the birth of the Savior. You can read Katie's inspiring story here.

Like an advent calendar, each day there is a story about the life of Christ along with an ornament associated with it to hang. These ornaments can be gathered so perfectly on a small table top tree that you can buy from a craft store for about five dollars or they could be tied each day on a garland together.

In each kit are materials and instructions for making the 25 ornaments, the 25 Days of Christ book with stories and references for each day, a gift bag you can use each day to place an ornament inside for your family to open, and a box to keep it all together from year to year. More details here.

There is some assembly and painting to do for the ornaments so I suggest you order as early as possible so that you have plenty of time to finish the ornaments before December 1. There are instructions on the web site as well for easy reference. Kids or grandkids would probably love to help with this phase. Plus when they've invested time in making the ornaments it seems like they will be very excited for the 25 days as well.

This year they also have a number of kits that are finished sets, so you don't have to make the ornaments yourself. The number is limited so grab one quickly.

Another motivation to buy early is that they sell out of 25 Days Of Christ kits quickly every year as and word spreads I think they sell out faster and faster each year.

I am looking forward to using ours for the first time this year. I love gathering as a family during the holidays to sing and make the season bright. This will be a great way for us to focus on the real importance of Christmas each day and I think it will encourage us to take more of that quiet, at home, family time together gathered around the fireplace beneath the twinkling lights during December.

I think The Bug is going to love it. This is a great idea for helping children focus on the true meaning of Christmas. Parents, for that matter, need a good reminder too when it is so easy to get caught up in all the duties of the season and not slow down and enjoy the beauties.

You can buy 25 Days of Christ kits at the official website. Let them know I sent you over. If you get a chance, post photos on Pinterest so they can see how your kit turned out. I'm sure they would love to see how you and your famiy enjoy your 25 Days of Christ.

images via 25 Days of Christ

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I so would have done this when the girls were little. I think I'll get one for Lily. Thanks for sharing this great resource.


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