10 October 2014

A Wardrobe Staple: The Denim Jacket

Last night as I was running out the door I grabbed my denim jacket and threw it on. It's getting rather tattered after a few years of pretty regular use. The cuffs have worn through along the bottom edge. It's pretty faded out. But in all it's simplicity, it somehow totally pulled together my outfit of mini-striped maxi skirt and simple white cotton embroidered blouse with the sandals I slipped on.

This made me want to sing the praises of the All-American denim jacket, such a fantastic wardrobe staple. You can wear it with just about anything.  It goes well with dresses, skirts, shorts, legging or pants and you can really style it up or down. You can find them in all varieties of color washes. You can make it work in a business setting with the right touch and you can wear it camping. What a wonderful friend the denim jacket really is.

Denim jackets are perfect for fall weather, easy to layer and throw a scarf over. I like this 1969 jacket from Gap. You can certainly find them in a wide price range. I like sticking on the low end for this purchase because it's so easy to find great ones. 

Every wardrobe could use a good denim jacket. Why not save on the denim jacket and splurge on great bottoms, tops and accessories to wear with it. H&M, Old Navy, Target, JC Penney and Kohls are great places to find a deal on a denim jacket. I saw some for as low as $25.

It seems like a lot of the chain stores are having pretty big sales this weekend. I've been getting lots of emails and social media notices of some significant discounts coming up. With savings of up to 40% off and you can add this staple to your wardrobe for a fantastic price. It's a classic and a goody.

How do you wear your denim jacket? Do you have an oldie you just can't part with?

image via Gap

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