28 August 2014

LILLE VÄN Painted Animal Silhouettes

So if you read yesterday's post you know I'm having a bit of a Scandinavia moment and dreamy flashbacks from living there. Yesterday is was all about Dala Horses and while I was searching for them I found this.

I went a little gaga for this image. I absolutely love that whale at the top. So beautiful. Over my bed I have an antique black wood whale that I have had for a long time now. You can see it here. I love this new updated whale style by Fiveoeight's line LILLE VÄN.

The line is sold in the Etsy Shop Fiveoeight but the images are all retrieved from their official Pinterest Page. Posted on the Etsy shop is a note that the owners have just had a baby and are in the middle of a move -- from their blog and twitter there haven't been any updates for some months. So the shop is empty for now but I hope they will be back soon. So, until then, let's enjoy these Pinterest images.

Here is a look at some other LILLE VÄN art. A Dala Horse. Love the texture, patterns and color.

A bunny close-up. Again so charming. What a cute addition this would be for a kids room.

You can see many more examples of Fiveoeight's beautiful LILLE VÄN creatures on their Pinterest page and on their blog here. You don't want to miss the rams, they are really fun. I hope Fiveoeight will soon be back in their Etsy shop. They've got a good things going on.

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