26 August 2014

Glitter Ribbon Headbands & A Bracelet In The Works

Yesterday I couldn't go back to sleep once The Man left at 5:15-ish and I had a bee in my bonnet to rearrange my mantle and hearth. Before school drop off happened I had removed the decor, cleaned the area and oiled the mirror wood frame.

I am still experimenting with what will go there. I'm waiting to figure out what little things I can add to balance it out without it looking too crowded. 

A couple of hours later I put together two headbands trying a somewhat new technique and new combination of materials. I am still experimenting. Right now I am test driving one on my head. Have not fallen in love with it yet and it is not staying put as much as I had hoped.

This is glitter ribbon and although it's hard to see it's a dark gray with a purple tint to it. I like that it's fairly simple but has a little twist to it with the sparkliness.

In the late afternoon I pulled out my beads and jewelry making supplies with the goal to make something. I made three-quarters of a bracelet and then couldn't see where it was going to go next. So I stopped and put it away for a while. Still needs a few additions and the other half of the toggle clasp.

One of goals was to make something. I needed to make something creative. It was great to get a few minutes to whip up two things.

I will do a tutorial on the headbands as soon as the kinks are worked out. The bracelet will be a giveaway here on the blog soon. I haven't done a giveaway in a long time. It's time to spice things up around here.

Another task I took care of mid-evening yesterday was to clean out the pens and pencil drawer in my desk. It had become a gathering place of too much stuff and I was having a hard time finding things. I had The Bug go through all the pens and pencils and sort out all the pens that didn't work. That was a big help and of course she had fun making hearts on a piece of scratch paper with each and every pen that worked. I would've just tried to scribble on the scratch paper, she made a colorful rainbow of hearts. Well done her.

While she did that I went through all the bits and pieces of things and threw some things away. Some things found a new home, some things went into a small donations bag for the reDiscover Center

I also got some work done on my vision board last night. I came to realize I had way too many photos and I couldn't even get one group of my photos on the board. But taking Bob Proctor's advice I tried not to cram too much onto the board.

It's all laid out now, I just need to glue all the pieces down. But I thought I would let it sit to see if it still felt right in the morning. I've been wanting to get that done for a while now and I think the fall is a great time to gather one's direction for the coming year before the holiday season kicks into gear and all focus is temporarily distracted.

Speaking of focus, my meditation practice has also kicked up a notch. I meditate at least for a few minutes every day and some days it's up to an hour or a little more. I have a nice handful of meditations I rotate through including one I recorded myself just for me.

We're also two weeks into the Deepak and Oprah: 21-Day Meditation Experience. The theme is Expanding Happiness and it's been very good and inspiring.

Hope your week is going well. We are still working on getting into the school groove. Mornings are still a little rough. Homework is now starting to happen pretty easily. It's been nice to shut things down around here in the evenings much earlier than in the summer.

I am enjoying the long, darker evenings. Usually I am fighting the earlier sunsets tooth and nail right down to Winter Solstice, but for some reason my feelings on that are changing. How do you feeling about the increasing darkness on fall evenings? Do you strongly dislike it or do you find comfort in it?

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