20 August 2014

I AM Art Project: Acknowledging Self

Last week I was part of a very interesting conversation about how often we tend to magnify small negative voices and diminish big positive voices in our lives. The assignment next was to make a list of positive words that described me. 

After we did that, the next assignment was to go home and make a piece of art including the words from my list that I could hang in my home as a regular reminder of who I am. Challenging assignment.

I put together my list and then headed home, thinking of all the unused frames I have in my closet that would be great for this project. For some reason this silver frame that had no glass in it, due to an unfortunate fall from the wall, came to my mind. I was pretty settled right away that it would be the foundation for my project.

Later that day I pulled the frame out. I knew I wanted something very simple. I wanted to use the matting in the frame. I flipped over the piece of paper that came in the back of the frame with the cheesy picture, size and other sales info listed on it and used the back of it for the base for my art piece. I do that a lot, just flip that sheet over and use it as the base for something else.

Then I pulled out my punch letters and started rummaging through them. The hard part of this project was all the spacing of the letters. It's not perfect, but I like it that way. I did the best I could. The punching out letters, laying them out and gluing them down took a good 90 minutes or so. Once I got them all affixed I found a lovely spot for the piece on the top shelf of the small bookcase near my work space. It's quite perfect there with the yellow lamp and orange pot.

This piece was a real journey. It's a doorway to a continued journey of self-discover, self-care and self-love. It is a tricky business finding our comfortable spot in loving ourselves without arrogance, accepting ourselves while being imperfect and striving to improve ourselves at a reasonable, logical pace. The key is truly the journey and how we care for ourselves along the way.

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