25 August 2014

Now Is My Time #32: I Can Rise Above

I had an experience with an associate recently that left me with a terrible feeling inside. (And before I go any farther, I don't want anyone who reads this blog to think it was them, because it wasn't. I'm smiling but I can immediately think of some of you who might thing, "Agh, did I do something to offend? --And no you didn't.)

I know I'm not the only person these situations happens to. I try to make peace with uncomfortable experiences and then just move on. But this one kept replaying in my mind. I felt humiliated when what I needed was just the smallest word of encouragement.

After mulling this over for a couple of hours, the above thoughts came to my mind and I wrote them down and decided to share them. Because even though they are helpful to me I think they apply to all of us.

We all feel vulnerable. We all have moments where we walk away feeling like we weren't seen, understood or acknowledged. We all hear things that hurt our feelings sometimes. We are after all only human and we do have feelings, fears and weaknesses.

Who we are and what we can do is bigger than these small arrows of life. And so...once I got done with my little, ever-so-simple, totally not professional graphic design project, I posted it on my Inspiration: Faith Pinterest board. Cleansing breath.

On to bigger and better things...on to self-care and more self-love and less feeling bad about moments that make us feel less than we truly are. On to finding something kind I can do for another to forget my troubles and bless another.

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