18 August 2014

Now Is My Time #31: Self-care Means I Like Myself Better

image via IKEA

I was looking in the mirror last week while I was taking off my makeup. It had been a good day and I caught myself smiling at myself and cheering myself on. For some reason the phrase "Good job, you" goes through my head every once in a while when I do something hard and I heard it that night.

It comes from a deep, spiritual and positive place and is always so organic that it feels like it's coming from another person, but I think it's really coming from the heart of me, from my most authentic, actualized place. Maybe that's my spirit, the one God gave me, talking.

I smiled at myself and thought, "You look good." I don't say or think that very often, especially as the years start creeping by too fast. So I started wondering where that thought came from. I realized I looked pretty good (not tired) and I felt really good - it had been a good day, I was rested, happy, etc. It dawned on my that looking good, feeling good and liking myself were all very inherently tied into taking care of myself and loving myself.

And here was the light bulb moment:

Liking oneself is the result of self-care!

Shazam! Lesson learned. When we are kind to others we feel closer to them. When we are kind to ourselves the same happens. When we take good care of ourselves we are indeed better but we can also feel happier, gentler to ourselves and so much more balanced and sane. This self-care business is a total win-win situation.

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