07 August 2014

Craigslist Malibu Rental House

I have been all over the online rental markets for a few different cities lately, getting an idea of costs, availability, different neighborhoods and the such. At the same time I've been meditating our new home and trying to get a very clear picture in my mind of the kind of home I would consider my dream home in look, feel and style.

I came across this rental house in Malibu, CA today that pretty much captures it. The bones of this house are what I am happily imagining these days as the perfect little house I'd love to live in and decorate. You can see the entire listing here -- (that is until it's taken down, once this gem is rented)

I'm over the moon at the hanging light fixtures in the dining space too. The round glass balls hung at varying heights are such a perfect contrast to all the very strong, tall lines of the walls.

The ceiling heights and beams are just delicious. I love the clean white walls. I've seen some horrific paint jobs on a lot of the rentals and fixer uppers I've been looking at which has given me a whole new appreciation for white walls in a rental. Let's not even get started on 80s wallpaper and window treatments that are offered in some "stunning" and "beautiful" rental homes still. Yikes.

While you can't see them in these photos there are beautiful views on all sides of this 2100 square foot charmer. This feels like a place where one could relax, breathe and feel very at home.

I also love the simplicity, there's no overdoing it here. With such a beautiful structure, overdoing the decor would be a tragedy. I'd take the lead from the owner and keep things quite simple and serene. This is probably a little too austere for me, but I have a feeling this house has just been very simply staged to rent. There is absolutely no sign of any humans in this house.

I like the shape of the kitchen, I'm partial to a three or four-sided space. After growing up in a galley kitchen, everyone in my family pretty much hates galley kitchens even though we love our kitchen as the heart of our home. But when two people can't really be working in one space without bumping into each other, it's a little frustrating.

This kitchen could use an updating, but it's quite functional and it has a gas stove. Once you go gas you can never go back.

I would assume this is the master suite. It's one of four bedrooms. Great windows in every room in the house. This room feels serene and like a great place to sleep. Again love the ceiling.

Lovely to have a walk-out to the deck and beautiful view from the bedroom. So that's the house. It's yours for the grabbing right now if you hurry. So much potential and such beautiful structure. 

When I showed these photos to The Man earlier this week, he said, "Yeah! Love it. Save the photos for inspiration." That was easy. So we're on the same page then. Perfect. I think we may both be partial to this style because it is very reminiscent of our childhoods.

I hope someone lovely rents this house and finds if quite perfect for them. In the meantime I am going to keep looking in a budget that is about 1/3 the cost of this one. Haha. But it's always great to have good inspiration. There are houses like this one all over the country that are just waiting for the right people to move in. 

All images obviously belong to the homeowner or person attempting to rent the property. Credit and thanks given.

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