14 August 2014

Thrift Store Finds: Buffet, Rug And Hutch

More bad thrift store lighted photos, haha. Had to share these three great sightings from the thrift store recently. This very feminine mid-century hutch is so charming. I love the detailing from top to bottom and I like that it is not gargantuan in size. This would be so fun with the wood oiled well, or painted white, gray or some bright color.

I am dying for a place to store pitchers, bowls, trays, cake plate, fancy dessert cups, and my collection of kitchen colanders these days and this would be perfect. Plus there's room for tablecloths, cloth napkins and dish towels and aprons. One of the side cabinets would be a great place to hide all the picnic and party supplies too.
Safari Wool Rug
image via West Elm

While I was there I also saw a gray zebra stripe 5' x 8' West Elm rug (here's the WE web site version) that was hard to walk away from for a very small price. It needed some cleaning but it was in phenomenal shape. I asked myself if I would buy it at full price or even half price and I wasn't sure, so that was my answer. (There's more to this story. Check back tomorrow.)

Here is the third fantastic little find I came upon. It's laminate but would be lovely if painted. The brass pulls are great, the storage space is perfect and i love the simplicity all around. The legs are darling. This would make a great TV stand too. It's so easy to drill a round hole (using one of these) in the back for the cords to pop through. Plus  you wouldn't have to deal with doors that open out into the room space either.

This might be great is a bedroom or bathroom too. So many possibilities here. How about a baby changing table with all your supplies hidden below and a pretty changing pad on top?

There are so many great used home furnishings out there just waiting for a new home and someone with a vision to give them new life. I hope this inspires you to find something great and sturdy and repurpose it for your own space.

all other images by kalanicut

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