01 January 2014

Top Five Posts of 2013

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Happy New Year! I hope it is a great one for you. I am looking forward to seeing what this year holds. But before I jump headlong into it, I thought it would be fun to go back and look at the top posts here on kalanicut from 2013. It is always interesting to see what will resonate with readers and try to uncover why.

Sometimes it just takes a small mention from a big time blogger. Sometimes it all happens based on a simple pass along idea I share when another blogger inspires me. Sometimes it just makes no sense at all and you never know how or why something caught fire. These are all timeless ideas that can be applied any time.

Here are the top five posts from last year:

5) Master Bedroom Inspiration from Home Goods: Inspired by the colors, shapes and sizes of the sea this decor collection was relaxing and peaceful.

4) Back To School Dinner: Inspired by NieNieDialogues this post got a boost when she mentioned it on Twitter. A celebration of the new school year and our family life.

3) 30-day Reorganization Project: This became a 90 day reorganization project but it got the entire house ship shape and that lasted about until The Man came back from deployment a few weeks later. Having three people and a lot more stuff in the house turned the reorganization success on it's head a bit.

2) Our Family Guestbook: I decided last year I wanted to do a family guest book for when we had dinner parties or overnight guests as a means to help us keep those memories alive. It's been a fun tradition.

1) Pin Test #11 -- Homemade Eye Cream: A simple and easy recipe to make your own at home with just a couple of simple, inexpensive ingredients.

Hope you have a lovely New Year's Day and that the year to come is joyful. I determined to see and enjoy all it's loveliness. I am excited about where kalanicut the blog will go this year and all that I will get to do with you here. Thank you as always for your support, comments and continued visits. Very best wishes to you, my friends.

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