23 January 2014

Inspiration: Pottery Barn Black & White Surf Prints

I had a few minutes to sit down and look through the latest Pottery Barn catalogs a few days ago and of course I loved PB Teen best. I don't know what that says about me, but I always see things there that really catch my eye. The entire ensembles are a little too much for me, but of course they are trying to fit in as many items as possible into one bedroom shot to sell products. I get that. But I would rarely want everything put together just as I see it in the catalog. That said there is so much in this room that I love: the metal bins, the shelving, framed art, light fixture, baskets, etc.

I seem to often gravitate more to the boys bedrooms than the pinky girl stuff, again not a big surprise. When I saw the photography in this room it got me thinking about the collection of really great photos I have from years of trips to Hawaii and living in Southern California. It gave me some good ideas for some DIY projects.


Here are close-ups of some of the black and white framed surf art available in the catalog. I love the simple chocolate brown frames with the black and white photos. I also started thinking about blowing up some of my photos to hang in the living room. While my brain is percolating, I thought I'd share this inspiration with  you.

One could do equally fun stuff with snow sport photos for a cabin or house in a more wintry climate. Black and white photos stay so classic that they can carry and keep their style for years. Photos really do become almost ageless in black and white. It's time for me to start playing with my photo collection and editing tools to see what I can come up with. I'd love to do something big with the two photos I used in this project.

I have so many fun beach photos I've taken over the years that I could probably come up with art to fill an entire house. I'd definitely love to update some of our walls with black and white photos from our favorite beaches. It would bring instant calm I think and play up the ocean breezes we get each afternoon.

Image 1 via PB Teen
Image 2 via PB Teen

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