30 January 2013

Finding A Great Guestbook

 I hope that our home will be one with wide open doors for friends and family, filled with warm memories of wonderful dinners, long evenings of great conversation and overnight visits from loved ones near and far.

One of the traditions that I have always thought would be fun for our family is to have a guestbook so I went on the look for one. While searching online, I came across a post on Apartment Therapy about addion a guestbook to your home. While the post was positive and cheerful, many of the comments were downright rude and obnoxious. Check them out if you like, but I warn you, you might like human beings a little less afterwards. Haha. Needless to say some of those poor mannered responses made me wonder about my dreams of a guestbook for our home.

I was really disappointed at what I saw available in my initial guestbook searches but two weeks ago when I was in Santa Barbara, I passed a Papyrus store and decided to pop in to see what they had. It took me only a couple of seconds to find one that felt just perfect for our home and family. Simple, black and not too big. If you like this one, know that it comes in several other pretty colors too.

Happily we had our overnight guests last week be the first signers of our guestbook and inside it I tucked the beautiful thank you card they left upon their departure as well. I was happy to hear that they too had a guestbook at their home. I think a guestbook is a great way to keep a record of fun events and visitors in your home. I don't think it's a forced thank you card or anything like that. I would hope that guests would just remind us of the date they visited, what we did together and how much fun we had together. That's my dream for our family guestbook.

It's now at home on the table near our front door so it won't be forgotten. Just seeing it each day as I come and go is a good reminder to have people over and do my part to make sure we plan and execute those fun events we dream of with people we love and enjoy spending time with. I look forward to the fun memories we'll record there in the years to come.

Do you have a guestbook? Are you anti-guestbook? I love hearing people's opinions on these "controversial" topics. Leave a comment below if you like. I'm sending you warmest wishes for a fantastic day -- and if you come to our home, I really hope you'll sign our guestbook.

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