06 January 2014

Great Workout Wear Inspires Happy Workouts

A few years ago I picked up a subscription to Women's Health as some ridiculously great price. I have really enjoyed reading it over the years with inspiring weight loss stories, great workouts in every issue, recipes and relationship articles.

Last week I was perusing an old issue and ran across an interview with a successful personal trainer who shared a fantastic tip to keeping one excited and motivated about working out. Of course I went back and tried to find it to link to in this post and I can't find it anywhere. Ergh. Anyway, her excellent advice was to buy fun, colorful workout clothes that make you happy. Having something great to wear to the gym class or out on a run creates a more positive attitude about working out. She also suggested buying something new every once in a while as a reward for your good efforts and to keep you excited and feeling good in how you look.

Last month I started going to the gym with The Man. We've tried to do this before but it's never quite worked out -- worked out....good gym humor even though I didn't mean to make the pun. But now we've got a rhythm and it's been really fun to take some classes with him. The one thing I noticed while looking in ALL the mirrors in the workout studio was that no matter the size, the ladies were wearing cute workout wear. That inspired me too.

So last weekend we had time to do a little shopping and there were major sales everywhere. I was able to pick up some great new pieces. Brightly colored, high impact sports bras for $9-14 were a crazy steal when so often finding a decent high impact sports bras will run $50-70 each. I also grabbed a six pack of new ankle socks for $10 - again white with bright, fun colored trim.

I got three of these tie at the hip, bubble tanks at Old Navy for $4-6. The reviews for these online were super positive and I was about to order some last week. Then we had a chance to get to an Old Navy Outlet and I picked up three for a total of $15. These need a sports bra with them for workouts, but as reported in the reviews, you could wear these tanks out for regular day wear too. I'd wear a little jacket or sweater with mine, but they are cute for layering too. I think layered you could even easily get away with one of these for business wear. They just look like a really cute blouse. I also picked up a couple of great, basic but brightly colored dri-fit tee shirts for a song.

I usually just pick up basic black workout capris but I'm going to branch out and get some with some side detail or maybe different cuts. I still think black is best for hiding the sweat. The absolute worst color is light gray...hello sweat marks in all the places you don't want to attract other's eyes. I have these great pairs from The Gap that I love, but I'm looking forward to trying some new options too.

A cute jacket is a great way to round out a fun workout look and there are just so many great options out there right now. I am on the lookout for some fun cotton headbands too. I have three that I like but they are starting to fall apart. I have learned that unless I want tiny wispy hairs in my eyes and face for the entire class, a headband is a must. Plus is catches a ton of sweat that would otherwise pour down into my face. (That's a pretty image, isn't it...sorry...haha.)

I'm on the prowl for a great new pair of running shoes. I don't need them just yet, but it was fun to spend some time looking. Once I give my current pair a good run for it's money, I'll pick up a new pair, but I'd like to know what I'm getting in advance and then just run out and pick them up. I already have a pair of cross-trainers (are we still calling them that?) to alternate with.

After doing a little workout wear shopping, I can attest to the fact that I was really excited to get back to the gym Monday morning. The idea of throwing out the less than lovely shirts I've been using was very exciting for me. Since I'm supposed to be staring at myself in the studio mirrors checking my posture and focus during class, I couldn't wait to see myself in all those mirrors looking a little more with it.  I couldn't wait to have a reason to rips the tags off everything and put new things on. I think my entire workout investment was just about $95 and I basically got an entirely new workout wardrobe.

When it comes to working out, I believe what ever it takes to keep you motivated is probably worth it. I hope to wear out all these workout clothes as fast as possible, so that I can see fantastic results most importantly, but also because that means I get to do more workout wear shopping. I can't wait.

Do you have any special treats you give yourself to keep you motivated to work out? Do you have a favorite brand of workout wear? Please share. I'd love to incorporate some variety into my workouts.

As I wrap up this post, my thighs are exhausted from all the squats and lunges, my arms are more tired than usual just straightened out to type. But I am really happy just to feel great while I'm enjoying (aka suffering at times) all the new adventures in workouts. I am exhausted by evening and I am sleeping very deeply. I look forward to seeing more good results.

The Bug in her totally childlike sweetness asked me last week loudly in the lobby of the gym if I thought I had lost any weight. I replied back in a whisper voice that I didn't know, hoping she would recognize that this was not a conversation to have in big voice in public to avoid my utter embarrassment. But in her always supportive and loving way she exuberantly said, "I think you have because your pants don't look as tight on you as they used to." And then I died and crawled behind the "return towel" bin, haha.

It's been a lot of fun to change things up with workouts and I really appreciate all The Man's time and encouragement to work out together. He was super about encouraging me so strongly to invest in a few fun things to wear to the gym. That superstar trainer was right, a fun workout wardrobe definitely inspires a fun attitude towards staying (getting) fit.

Old Navy Mesh Bubble Tank
Nike Running Shoe
Athleta Silverwood Hoodie

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