24 January 2014

Check Out Artist Laura Viapiano

Oh my goodness. I am so excited to share the work of one of my former coworkers and desk neighbors when I worked in the ever interesting world of the Hollywood entertainment industry. I worked with so many creative people who had all sorts of outside creative ventures going, but I had no idea about Laura Viapiano's until just a few days ago when I got a notice from her about her new online ventures.

This painting above is called Summer and based on the fact that it incorporates my very favorite color combinations of fuschia, orange and blue together...well it was just a given that I would love it. You can see and purchase Laura's original work at her Big Cartel shop. Other favorites of her paintings are Rust, Jungle and When Skies Are Blue.

What is really fun is that she also has a shop on Society Six where you can buy her art work made into throw pillows, tote bags, phone cases, stationery, canvases, framed art -- and even wall clocks and mugs. Such a cool way to personalize your home, your gear or the things you use to protect and transport your gear.

So while you are wandering around the internet this weekend, check out Laura's FB page and her online shops. I always love to support handmade creatives and artists. It's become so affordable to find really unique items. I am trying to decide what version of Summer I want to invest in. Part of me wants it on my wall and part of me wants to carry it around. I'll have to decide soon. Great work Laura! So excited for your new ventures and wishing you great success.

Also, check out former coworker and jewelry designer Maureen Tuohy of Pollen Jewelry. She was featured a while back here on kalanicut. I absolutely love the pieces I own from her collection. You can see her Etsy shop here. I'd love to make features about very talented former coworkers a regular feature here. I know there are some amazingly talented folks out there. Thanks so much for stopping by today.

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