22 January 2014

Now Is My Time #3: Make Time For Friends

Part of my goal for the year to make 2014 my time was to start spending more time in social gatherings, time with old friends and meeting new friends. I really believe that when you put a goal out into the world the world will conspire to help you get there. So with my new attitude to spend more time with friends and getting to know new people, I said yes when a neighbor asked if I wanted to go out for yogurt one evening. I went out to dinner with her last year and it was a delight and we chatted and chatted for hours. Really looking forward to yogurt and spending time with my dear friend again. She's one of those friends that appears on your doorstep and swoops in to save the day when you are falling apart and doesn't even need to be told what to do to rescue you. She somehow just knows and does. She's fantastic. How lucky am I to have her for a friend.

We have invited a couple over for pancakes a few times over the past couple of months. It's so much fun and we get a chance to experiment with toppings and eat lots of whipped cream. What could be bad about that? It's great fun to eat until we're stuffed and then sit in the living room and laugh and digest together.
We want to do more of this and we have other friends we've talked about doing pancakes with too. Can't ever have too many pancakes...or great friends. These same friends have kindly come to our aid on a couple of occasions for which we are grateful and we've been able to help them out too.

From that association, I received an invitation to get together with three ladies I really enjoy, admire and have wanted to get to know better. I am so looking forward to our monthly get-togethers to just drink something cozy and hang out for a while. It sounds so refreshing and not just the beverages.

Then just last night I had a very chance encounter to spend a couple of hours with a friend from many years ago. I am continually amazed when I connect with old friends to see the amazing things they are doing with their lives and how beautifully they have grown in the time since I've last seen them. It was just a delightful blessing to spend time with her and feel of her goodness and inspiration.

Opportunities have popped up and I still have a few plans up my sleeve. Making time with friends a priority has really brightened up this year so far. I've had some great laughs, learned some lovely things and am enjoying making new associations and strengthening those I already have. I find I learn some of my best lessons from conversations with friends and I quite regularly have light bulb moments in these conversations that help me figure out things that have been rumbling around in my head.

I think this year will be quite fun if I keep up with getting together with friends, new and old. It will be interesting to look back at the year and see things that have come into my life because I started making time for me and my life. That's the name of the game for 2014: Now Is My Time. It's time to make our well-being and good health our number one priority.

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