15 January 2014

Budget Fashion Accessorizing: Gap Scarf & Flats

Today's post is all about quick and easy accessorizing or in other words pulling a cute outfit together fast. It's easy to throw on the same old-same old things or get into a rut of wearing blah outfits that don't have any pop to them. I think it's a constant struggle not to slip into a really boring wardrobe routine. Here are two easy purchases I recently made, both a great deal that brings together one fun, energetic outfit with just a few simple additions.

I love this Floral Stripe Scarf from Gap. It's in stores now. The Man and I looked at it and both loved it, about ten days ago. When we popped into Gap again a few days later it was on sale 30% off and I knew it was time to buy. Great deal. I love the color combinations, pink and orange are my all-time favorite together. This scarf just says "Zest for life!" to me. That is definitely an attitude I want to exude. Besides the color/pattern combo the other favorite thing I love about this scarf is that it's nice and long. I can wrap it around twice and still have lots to play with, to knot, or just let hang down in front.

On the same shopping trip I found these Gap Leather Ballet Flats, in my size in store, which never happens -- hello 11s. I tried them on, hemmed and hawed for a few moments and then looked at the price tag. Fifty percent off the marked price. Score!!!! Now I am fairly certain these are from the Gap Spring 2013 collection, but seriously ballet flats never change that much and have been on trend for ages and continue to be in style. I'm not afraid to wear "last year's collection" and hold my head high.

When I see these two great accessories together I imagine myself wearing them with a pair of jeans and a white button-down with a jacket or cardigan. Very cool, simple classic -- with a big pop of color for a twist. Super simple basics styled up with fun details and colors. Outfit made. And of course these could be worn separately, they are in their own right nice statement pieces and would match up with lots of other things in the wardrobe too. I keep imagining them with navy blue, my other favorite color to wear with pink or orange. Both the scarf and shoes would go with skirts, work attire, etc. So they were great purchases that will go with just about anything.

I can see myself heading out to all sorts of events in these pretty girls: church events, lunch with friends, shopping or date night and afternoon school pick ups. Looking good for school pick up always makes me happy. I hate those days when I feel like hiding behind a bush near the front gate because I just came back from the gym or was sick in bed all day. Standing among 100 or so fellow parents is one of those moments where it's easy to feel judged, not in a mean way, but you know they see you and are making some sort of assessments about who you are based on how you look. It's nice to feel good while you stand there and stand there waiting for your kiddo to be one of the last out of the school.

I'm so excited to work these new goodies into with my classic basics. I'll enjoy wearing these a lot, especially for a grand total of twenty-three dollars! Adding a pop of color and some new, vibrant energy doesn't have to be difficult or expensive. Brightening up how you feel when you are out and about is priceless!

Image 1 via Gap
Image 2 via eBay

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