09 January 2014

It's Time To Update The Undergarments

image via Lula Lu

It's a great time to update the undergarments. It's amazing how the bras will start to sag, the elastic on the undies will start to go, the colors will start to fade or pretty whites will become dingy. It's easy to let things slip without noticing. So every few months I do an inventory of all my undergarments and invest in a few pieces I desperately need. I also throw out the old, worn things.

New year, new undergarments. Bras, bras, bras. I am headed to a bra fitting again soon. I am also going through all my undergarments, all sorts, shapes and purposes, and weeding out what needs to go and making a list of what new items I need.

I have tossed out a few items lately and am seeing a few other pieces that have faded and are past their former glory days. The new year is a great time to revamp, rethink and renew the lingerie drawer. I often ask myself, when it comes to lingerie/undergarments, it this something you would want handsome firefighters to see if you were in an accident and they had to cut off your clothes???? Yikes!

Here are links to some helpful posts and inspiration about owning great undergarments.

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Take care of your girls, keep them high and tight. Wearing a properly fitted bra can make you look pounds thinner and younger too. Invest in good undergarments. They'll keep you looking young and spry no matter your age.

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