18 November 2013

Great Gifts For Under $10: Week Three

My sister has been going gangbusters trying out all sort of all natural, homemade recipes for body products. I thought for today's Great Gifts Under $10 I would share some recipes for great gifts you can make for the body. There is some investment that is going to be more than $10 total for the ingredients, but each gift should average out in cost to be well under $10 each.

In Week One I shared the very simple Eye Cream recipe. Here are a three more that would make lovely gifts. Not only can these be lovingly homemade they are also good for the body. The ingredients lists in so many body care products are filled with things that are harmful for the body but are cheap to use. Don't we all want our people taking better care of themselves and their bodies.

DoTerra Moisturizing Lotion Bars. My sister raves about these. You can use any brand of essential oils but I do hear great things about DoTerra brand. It's a great time of year for some extra TLC for the skin.

Wellness Mama's Homemade Deoderant Bar. The ingredients in most commercially produced deoderants terrify me for good reason. I love all the better options there are out there and this is one you can make. Wellness Mama has a ton of great recipes for products you can make at home.

Mountain Rose Herbs Homemade Lip Balm. Lip balm is very easy to make. Like any of these homemade products, a pretty jar and a homemade or even hand drawn sticker label make a perfect gift.

Here are a couple of quick packaging helps. For containers check out camping stores. They often have great little jars and bottles you can use for homemade products. You can also recycle small jars if you collect them as you go along. To make cute labels for your creations try using PicMonkey in the labels section. Here's a tutorial from BlissfulRoots.com. Then you can easily make real stickers with a Xyron sticker maker. They come in lots of different sizes and price points starting at about nine dollars. Great gifts, here you come!

Hope you enjoy trying out one or some of these Great Gifts Under $10 this holiday season. If you do, please let me know. I would love to hear from you.

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Images via DoTerra.com, WellnessMama.com and MountainRoseHerbs.com

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