11 November 2013

Great Gifts Under $10: Week Two

It's week two of my new series for the holidays called Great Gifts For Under $10. I have so many to share that I can't wait for another Monday to roll around. I'll also be back later this morning to post a tribute to our veterans, including one handsome one who I share a home with.

This week for great gifts I'm sharing four projects, two of my own and two from other bloggers. I'll start top left and work my way around.

1. Refurbished Wood Bowl. Here's a link to how I created a gorgeous wood bowl from a hunk of thrift store junk, inspired by the gorgeous and not inexpensive natural wood bowls at ABC Home in NYC. I also did a tray you can see here. You can buy old varnished wood bowls from thrift stores for a couple of bucks. Then all you need is sandpaper and food grade wood oil or beeswax. Absolutely gorgeous results.

2. Birch Bulletin Board. Little did I know when I first posted about this project from Ever Kelly, that Kelly would become one of my dearest friends. This is such a pretty project and would be great to brighten up a workspace or kitchen! Kelly gives a great tutorial. Image by Kelly Lee-Creel.

3.Stackable Bracelets. These are so easy to make and you can make them in all sorts of styles, colors and varieties. This is a easy gift to crank out in multiples and you can really personalize each set for the person you gift to.You could even make a few and mix and match them with inexpensive store bought bracelets. There are a bajillion DIY tutorials for bracelet projects on Pinterest and YouTube.

4. Handpainted Dish Towels: These are by the very talented Jenny Steffens Hobick of Everyday Occasions. You can find all the instructions at the link. There are so many pretty things you can do with this project. This is another project you can really personalize for each recipient. Image via Everyday Occasions.

That's seven easy DIY gifts for under ten bucks I've shared in the past two weeks. Hope you are finding inspiration for things you can make this year. It's not about the amount you spend, it's about how well you give. Looking forward to trying out some of these myself. I am thinking a lot about fabric paint, stencils and silk-screening this year.

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