04 November 2013

Great Gifts For Under $10: Week One

Starting a new series today that I hope will run right up to the week of Christmas. It's called, as you may have guessed from the title, Great Gifts For Under $10. This is going to be a series filled with ideas I really love and think are way cooler than what they cost. These will be great ideas for DIYers and some will be easy things you can just pick up quickly at a local store.

The key to great gift giving is not the dollar amount but it's all about presentation. A phenomenal wrapping job is as much a part of the gift as the gift itself. The most exhilarating parts of getting a gift is seeing how beautiful it looks and the unwrapping. The excitement and anticipation in the opening is my all-time favorite part. So making a fuss about how pretty the gifts look really bumps up the value, appreciation and love for these great gifts that don't cost a fortune. I'll be doing some gift wrap posts soon. For my first week, I am going to highlight a few previous Pin Tests that would make great gifts.

  • Lettuce Stamps: a set of pretty cards made with lettuce or celery stamped flowers would be so pretty. They're easy to make with a few sheets of card stock and ten envelopes. You could even embellish them by stamping the recipients initials on each one.
  • Homemade Eye Cream: Super easy recipe. Bottles and jars are available many places for just a dollar or two. This is a good project to make quite a few of these at a time. Would be a great girlfriend gift! You can make a lot out of two bottles of the ingredients. Super inexpensive but you could make this such a great gift with an inexpensive but fun little jar, handmade label and a really charming wrapping presentation.
  • Eternity Scarf: I don't think this one was actually a pin test in the end but I did use a pin, linked to a blog post for the pattern. Here's the trick with the eternity scarf, the yarn can get very expensive, but if you take advantage of  sales and 40-50% off coupons like you can get from Michaels or Joann you can get two skeins of yarn for about $10. The needles obviously would be an additional expense. 

So that's the first week of Great Gifts for Under $10. Looking forward to sharing all the ideas I've been gathering for great gifts this year. It doesn't have to cost a fortune to give memorable, love-filled gifts. I'll have more ideas for you next Monday. Tomorrow I'll have a new pin test for you. I'm looking forward to this lead up to the holiday season. I'm teaching a class on gift wrapping at our church on Wednesday night. I'm looking forward to it but have a good bit of prep to do. I have my outline written up, just need to gather all my visual aids. That should keep me busy for the next couple of days.

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