08 October 2013

More Toilet Roll Crafts: Bats, Cats & Owls

Last week's Pin Test was all about Toilet Paper Roll Bats. Sunday afternoon we had a little crafting time and after saving up toilet paper rolls for a couple of weeks we have enough to experiment with. Here are toilet paper roll black cats.

Here are our owls. There are a ton of really cute toilet paper roll owls online which we spent quite a while looking at for inspiration. You can see them here. The online cat images was not to impressive so I'll skip that.

Here are a few more owls we made as well. Thinking we'll have these from our lemon tree in front of our door. It's a scraggly thing unfortunately so it will be very halloween-ish once the it's full of owls.

These are great for kids and I love any craft that involved just paper, scissors, glue and all the imagination of the human mind. It's amazing what people will come up with when you put a pile of such simple art supplies in front of them and turn them loose.

all images by kalanicut

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