14 October 2013

5 Tips To Update Pinterest Boards For The Season

This is a follow up to a post I wrote called 12 Tips To Increase Interest In Your Pinterest Boards. In 12 Tips I actually gave 13 tips to get more eyes looking at your pinterest boards and following you. This is just a little seasonal reminder of things you can do to make your boards more relevant to other pinners. You can see how I implemented all these changes on my Pinterest boards.

1) Make seasonal changes now. If you live in a climate where it is fall, going into winter, it's a good time to move all your summer stuff to the bottom of your boards and bump all your all and winter stuff to the top where it can be easily found. (And vise versa if you are in the Southern Hemisphere). I bumped down my outdoor spaces and summer clothes boards until next Spring. I bumped up my fall and winter fashions, cold weather food and beverage boards. This is the time of year when people are looking for ideas for outfits to wear to special events and clothes to stay warm, recipes to take to parties, and new things to serve when they host.

2) Move all your Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas related boards up to the prime real estate at the top of your boards by the beginning of fall. A lot of people start looking for holiday creative inspiration starting in July or later. Many like to get a head start on holiday projects. Get your good ideas out there early for maximum exposure.

3) Update your cover shots. I went through and edited all my cover shots on each board to something more seasonal. I changed my shoes board cover photo from sandals to boots, sewing projects board to a winter wool skirt. I made sure any DIY/creative ideas, food or beverage boards have fall/winter/holiday ideas visible. I switched my home decor boards from light summery photos to darker, cozy selections.

I changed my outdoor spaces cover shot from a lush garden to a charming photo of comfy chairs surrounding a cheery, warm firepit. I even changed my meditation board cover shot from a beach chair to a bonfire on a beach and my adventure girl board from camping to snow skiing. Almost every board cover can be switched up for a more seasonally inspired feel. A fresh look for your covers show potential followers that you are an active, thoughtful pinner. Sometimes just changing the order of things makes people see things in a new way and interact with you in a different way.

I learned this back in the day when I was designing my own line of handbags and toiletry bags. I found that if throughout the day I moved my merchandise around the booth, it gave me something to do so that I wasn't just sitting staring at people when they came by. It gave my booth energy, kept me busy creating new arrangements and I found that people would come back into my booth later, seeing things they'd totally missed the first time because they were in a different position. Same thing applies to Pinterest boards. Changing what people see when they first approach can bring them back with fresh eyes.

 4) Created a four seasons feel on generic boards. I started my beverage board in the summer, so it's almost all icy, cold drinks. As I went through to make my edits, I realized my beverage board needed more variety so I added some hot drinks to the board too. You can add winter fitness activities like snowshoeing and cross-country skiing to your workout boards, add things like soups, fondues or au gratins to your food boards. Having a balanced spectrum of pins on your boards will also tell other pinners that you are thinking big picture and small details too.

5) For better flow and easier viewing divide out your boards by season if needed. I found my fashion board was getting really big. I love looking at other people's boards but when they go on too long, I start losing it -- focus, interest, the reason the I came to that board in the first place. I never want anyone to feel less excited when they get to the bottom of a board than they did when they started! So I decided to break up my board into two: Fall/Winter and Spring/Summer. Now the two boards feel much more coherent for their theme, rather than bouncing all over the place.

I am thinking of doing this with my shoes too, because I guess I've always known this but on my shoe board it's quite apparent, I'm a boots and sandals girl. So those two things feel a little disjointed together in mass quantities. Breaking them up will give people a clearer focus for what to expect, rather than looking through the board and seeing boots for a while, then jumping to very summery sandals and then back to boots. This is a "give the people what they are looking for" philosophy that comes up in marketing and branding all the time. Help them find what they want more easily and quickly.

So there are your five tips to help you make your Pinterest Boards jump out at visitors. Hope they are helpful. Have a terrific day. Sending you my best wishes.

Fall Fashions via all other images by kalanicut

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